Android Phone Printing Guide

Mobile technology has reduced the need to print hard copies of business documents and images. The printing process does not have to be completely eliminated. The reality is that you can print directly from your mobile device using a number of apps and methods out there.

Using an Android phone or tablet, you can print any documents or images that you have on your mobile device using the methods below.

Android Phone Printing

Using Google Cloud Print

Mobile devices, such as Android phones and tablets, come with an official Google Cloud Print app. The first step is to make your printer available for Google Cloud Print. Google Chrome can be configured to support your printer, or you can use a new printer that is already Google Cloud Print-enabled.

After connecting your printer to the same Google account as your mobile device, you can choose an item to print from your Android device. Select Google Cloud Print from the share button. Since it’s cloud-based, you can also print from your phone or other device even when you’re not near your printer.

You Can Print to a Specific Printer

Similarly, you can use an app that’s designed specifically for your printer brand. There are many popular printer brands that have their own mobile apps for printing from mobile devices. For example, HP offers its HP ePrint Android app. Samsung Mobile Print. There is an Epson iPrint app available. The Canon Easy-PhotoPrint app is also available.

If your printer isn’t listed, try searching online or in the Google Play store to see if it has a mobile app. Choose the one that matches your printer brand. Follow the app’s instructions to print from your Android device.

Using Prynt

This mobile case allows you to print from a variety of smartphones, including Android models like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and S4. The case connects to your phone’s adapter and holds up to ten sheets of paper. You can use the Prynt app to add frames, stickers, filters, and text to photos or screenshots you’d like to print.

Your Android phone will then allow you to review your photos and select the ones you want to print. Your photos are printed using ZINK technology on the Prynt case. You can also order a larger set of photos.

Save as a PDF

The PDF file you select to print can also be saved as a PDF, then printed from your Android phone. For example, you can choose any mobile app that can convert PDF files when viewing a webpage that you want to print in your Google Chrome app. Android has plenty of free and paid apps that can do this, including some you may already have like OfficeSuite or PDF to Word.

The share button can be used again to send your PDF to your printer via whichever printing app you prefer after converting your file into a PDF. To print later, you can save the file to your computer or another device.

Connect a Printer to a PC

You can connect your printer to a PC and then connect your PC to Google Cloud Print if your printer isn’t able to connect directly to Google Cloud Print. Using this method, you can send the pages or documents you want to print from your phone to your PC. On your computer, you can select the document or page you want to print and send it to your printer.

It’s probably not the route you’d take unless it’s a last resort. Since it involves a few extra steps, it’s probably not the best choice. It’s yet another option for you to utilize Google Cloud Print if your printer doesn’t support Google Cloud Print or is old or doesn’t work with it.

Third-party Apps Can be Used

You can also use third party apps to send items from your phone to your printer if you don’t have a printer that connects to Google Cloud Print or a PC, or if you simply don’t want to use that option. PrinterShare allows you to connect to a printer via Bluetooth, USB cord, or Windows Network Share. There is also Cloud Print plus.

Google doesn’t directly support these apps. If none of the other options work for you, you should consider this option. There are also many apps that charge fees, including PrinterShare. The Android phone will allow you to print from your Android phone if you have an older printer or other roadblocks.


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