Best sites to view Instagram stories without an account

If you don’t have an Instagram account, Instagram will restrict you from viewing and interacting with active users on the app. You cannot see people’s posts, stories and other contents in the app without logging in an account. Any account owner who posts a story receives a list of viewers where they can see every person that has viewed their stories, therefore, people have no difficulties identifying who their viewers are. However, people can get through all that supervision with websites like Storyviewer, Snapinsta,… Those sites allow you to visit other’s profiles, view all their posts and stories easily without anyone knowing. 

Viewing and analyzing Instagram accounts is now hassle-free thanks to the introduction of several third-party apps and tools. Here is a list of tools that I have tested. Take a look at them and see what is suitable for you most.


Snapinsta is an effective tool for viewing Instagram profiles without registration. You will be able to watch people’s posts and stories, including photos and videos. You can have access to  public Insta accounts of anyone, from celebrities, influencers, acquaintances, and friends. 

Here are the main features of Snapinsta

  • 100% Anonymous

Enjoy your privacy while browsing people’s profiles. Usually, Instagram will let the account owner know if you have watched their stories. But with the help of this service, your personal data will not be saved, or revealed under any circumstances.  

  • No account needed

You do not need to install the Instagram applications, or log in an account to view other’s profiles. Just follow the website’s instructions and you are good to go

  • High-quality download

Snapinsta gives you the ability to anonymously download Instagram stories and posts anonymously in their original resolution. Now you can leave those low quality, blurry screenshots and recordings in the past. Unlimited, superior quality download is just one click away.

  • Easy, Fast & Safe

The website’s interface is very user friendly. It has the fastest available speed in the market. You can watch and download IG stories, videos, and pictures directly to your devices just by hitting the Download button under the content. The website doesn’t require any of your personal information, so you do not have to worry about being exposed. Snapinsta – the IG story viewer is accessible from a variety of web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, …), operating system (iOS, Android). Feel free to use any devices from phones, PC, and tablets to try Snapinsta’s free service.


SSStory offers one of the best Instagram viewing services available. You can visit people’s Insta profiles anonymously by following 3 simple steps: Access Storyviewer website (, enter the username of the person whose stories you want to view, and hit View now. Stalking other’s profiles without them knowing is as easy as possible with this online website. 

Here are some reasons why SSStory is the best Instagram viewer

  • No registration needed

Usually, if you go to the Instagram website or open the Instagram app, you will be asked to log in or sign up for an account right away. Trying to browse the platform without registering and entering login information is no use. However, with the assist of SSStory, it allows you to view the feed and stories without logging in or installing an application.

  • 100% anonymity

Do not worry about your privacy, because you will be completely anonymous. This website does not require any personal information from you. Feel free to browse around other’s profiles without being detected. 

  • Loading capability

It will only take less than a minute to download a photo and a few more to download videos on Instagram. After that, you can have anyone’s posts and stories at your disposal. 

  • Free high quality download

This is an amazing feature for different purposes . You can have all the content of people on Instagram at your fingertips.

Top other similar sites to watch Instagram without an account

Nowadays, almost everyone uses social media to share a part of their personal lives with the purpose of expressing themselves and connecting to others. It is a way for account’s owners to build a closer relationship with their followers. You can also seek opportunities by connecting with recruiters and brands all over the world. 

If you want to go further into statistics for other purposes, check out Gramhir. It gives you the ability to access and analyze your own data or other’s public Instagram profiles. The account rate, which represents an Instagram account’s actual popularity, is also available for you to review. You can enter a list of Instagram usernames into Gramhir’s Instagram analytics tool to see a summary of their impressions, interactions, and post data. You can examine the Instagram account statistics for either your own or another person using Gramhir’s algorithm. Moreover, you can download Instagram photos and videos completely free.


In conclusion,  there are various websites and apps that help you to view Instagram profiles completely anonymously. If you are a normal user and your intention is only to watch Instagram stories without an account, websites like Storyviewer and Snapinsta will do the job perfectly. Those tools also offer free high quality download, which contributes significantly to increased user experience. If you want to further explore and analyze publicly available Instagram content, please check out the Gramhir website.

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