Google Invests in ChatGPT Competitor as it Enters AI race, Gaining Access to Claude

Anthropic’s value will rise to $5 billion as a result of the latest investment.

The company is investing in an OpenAi competitor, Claude, which competes with ChatGPT.

Search engine giant Google invested $300 million in Anthropic to join the ongoing AI race.

A $5 billion valuation is expected for Anthropic as a result of this financial assistance.

At the time of writing, artificial intelligence companies are attracting giant tech companies. A billion-dollar investment in OpenAI was also announced by Microsoft previously.

Millions of Dollars are Invested in ChatGPT’s Competitor by Google!

Google’s latest million-dollar investment allows the company to own 10% of Anthropic, according to Venture Beat.

The money will also be used for Google Cloud computing resources by Claude’s developer.

Claude, a new generative AI model launched to compete with ChatGPT, will also be available to Google.

Claude is currently only available in closed beta via Slack integration.

What is Claude?

According to TechCrunch, Claude is a statistical tool similar to ChatGPT.

In addition to answering questions and predicting words, the AI model can also be used to answer questions.

The software was developed by Anthropic, a San Francisco-based startup founded by former OpenAI employees.

The Constitutional AI process was used to design Claude by Anthropic.

This process is based on concepts such as autonomy, non-maleficence, and beneficence, according to the company.

Constitutional AI’s supervised learning and reinforcement learning phases include supervised learning and reinforcement learning.

Claude can share jokes and respond to complex questions about a wide range of topics as a result of this.

Claude, however, can respond in a more human-like manner than ChatGPT. The AI model of Anthropic is still being refined as of press time.

It is expected that more users will be able to use Claude’s beta version in the near future.

Artificial intelligence has also been the subject of other recent stories.

The number of ChatGPT users reached over 100 million in January. In the history of the world, artificial intelligence grew at the fastest rate.

Furthermore, we wrote about Nvidia’s AI technology that can create high-resolution 3D models from text.

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