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Why I’m Not A Fan Of Computer Science

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People without a passion for computer science are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the digital age as the world continues to move towards the digital age. I hate computer science. Those who struggle or regret their decision to move into this field often have questions about it because of the influx of people moving into this field. The purpose of this blog post is to explain why I’m not a fan of computer science, based on personal experience and insights gained from online discussion forums. Finally, we will draw some conclusions about how people should choose their majors in this rapidly growing field.

I Hate Reddit For Computer Science

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The field of computer science is often considered to be one of the coolest to enter, but I don’t like it because it’s not my thing. It’s easy to get a feel for why I hate computer science on the r/ I hate computer science subreddit. The forum hosts a variety of topics, from complaints about poor coding practices to academic experiences that led people to leave the field. In addition, many posts express concern about the lack of creativity or job security in the field. The negative experiences and attitudes associated with computer science can easily explain my lack of enthusiasm for this field.

I Don’t Want to Study Computer Science Anymore

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Studying computer science used to excite me because of the exciting possibilities it offered. However, I’ve realized that I’m no longer passionate about it.  Despite my enthusiasm for computer science at first, my enthusiasm has slowly waned and now all I feel is boredom whenever I have to do anything related to coding or computers in general. This is why I’ve decided that I’m not cut out for computer science, but if I can help anyone else reach the same conclusion then this post was worth it to me.

Why I Quit Computer Science

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The day-to-day curriculum was becoming too much of a chore for me to continue my computer science degree. It was difficult for me to remain enthusiastic and passionate in a subject that I had previously enjoyed. The sheer amount of knowledge required to keep up with the modern methods and technologies overwhelmed me, despite my enjoyment of programming challenges. I also suffered from the constant pressure of staying current that sapped my motivation. My interest in other fields subsequently led me to pursue them.

What Reddit Doesn’t Like About Computer Science

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A number of factors make me uninterested in computer science. There are many people who cannot succeed in computer science because they lack the necessary technical skills and interest. Furthermore, the field can be a frighteningly complex one with a fast pace and complicated requirements. The latest technologies and programming languages can be difficult to stay on top of if you’re not well-versed in them. Additionally, there is a lot of competition in the industry, which makes finding rewarding jobs difficult.

Is Computer Science Overrated Reddit

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In spite of its beneficial contributions to education and its potential as a career field, computer science is definitely overrated. Computer science practitioners are often regarded as elitist and possess unrealistic expectations by Reddit users. The importance of computer science in modern society cannot be overstated – it is indispensable to almost every industry – but there are other fields that should not be overlooked when selecting a career path and college major. The pros and cons of computer science should be considered by those who find themselves drawn to this field.

A Struggling Student of Computer Science

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The amount of work expected of me has often left me frustrated and overwhelmed as a computer science student. There is a heavy emphasis on theory in the curriculum and I must learn complicated concepts that are difficult for me to comprehend. Even experienced students may find it intimidating to complete long coding assignments and frequent tests. The steep learning curve has left me constantly frustrated and disappointed despite putting in countless hours and putting my best effort forward. The experience has made me less enthusiastic about computer science than I had hoped.

Is Computer Science Worth Giving Up?

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Those who are struggling to understand computer science may think giving up is the best option. Working hard and pushing forward can, however, unlock a great deal of potential even when it seems nothing makes sense. It’s not easy to master complex concepts in computer science, but it’s well worth the effort in the end. Success in this field can be achieved with dedication and determination.

Anxiety about computers Science 

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Computer science anxiety is a fear many people have about this field of study. Computer science topics such as coding, algorithms, software design and development can overwhelm a person because of their complexity and vastness. The fear of such areas can sometimes lead people to avoid them altogether or discourage them from seeking help when they are most needed. This reluctance unfortunately reinforces the notion that computer science is too difficult and intimidating to succeed. Students may be prevented from pursuing a rewarding and exciting career path because of this.

What Should I do if I Hate Computer Science?

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Computer science is an incredibly popular and in-demand field, but it isn’t for everyone. Pursuing a degree in computer science if you don’t enjoy it or aren’t interested in it would be a waste of time. It is important to follow your passions and study what makes you happy, as this will lead to a more satisfying career path. The wrong approach is to study something just because it is popular – if you hate computer science, you have plenty of other options to explore.

Computer Science Majors Regret It?

These Are the Most Regretted College Majors (and the Least) - Metro Parent


It is difficult for people to stay motivated and find meaningful jobs in computer science, which is why I am not a fan of it.  Additionally, an increasingly competitive job market can make it difficult for those with computer science degrees to stand out. Considering a major in this field for these reasons is not recommended.

Do You Hate Programming?

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Programming is a challenging task, so it’s understandable that you may not enjoy it. A programmer must be patient, pay attention to detail, and be able to solve problems. Many people do not naturally possess these qualities. Therefore, even if someone is interested in learning the skill of programming, they may ultimately decide that it is too challenging for them. Some people don’t naturally have the aptitude or desire to engage in programming, so hating it is normal.

What Do You Hate About Computer Science?

Hating Computer Science: Top Reasons? (All the Info)


The field of computer science can be tedious and frustrating at times. The technical aspects of programming and coding often seem tedious to people because of the meticulous attention to detail and the amount of rewriting required when code doesn’t work as expected. Those who are new to the field also face a steep learning curve, which can be difficult for someone just starting out. Finally, computer science requires frequent updates to stay current with technological advances, which can be challenging. These reasons combined make me realize why I don’t like computer science personally.


In conclusion, computer science offers many exciting opportunities for the tech-minded, but I am not a good fit for it. I have some technical knowledge and am interested in technology, but the academic side of computer science doesn’t appeal to me. My knowledge of my own strengths and weaknesses makes it more logical for me to focus on other areas.

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