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The IT reseller is a business that purchases IT products from the original manufacturer or a distributor and resells them to consumers. As intermediaries, they facilitate distribution. Depending on the reseller, some simply sell products, while others provide extra value by bundling complementary products together, providing support or other necessary services, or even refurbishing the products themselves.

How to Start an IT Reseller Business

IT Reseller Business

Here are some steps you should keep in mind if you’re interested in starting this type of business.

Niche Selection

Your business can be focused on hardware, software, consumer products, or business products. Consider narrowing your focus beyond the massive IT category. Consumers or businesses might find it useful to examine data about how they spend money on technology. SaaS products relating to business operations, for example, are becoming increasingly popular, according to a recent study by Blissfully. It could be beneficial to focus on this niche if you plan to start a B2B reseller business.

Find Manufacturers or Providers

Your next step is to look for manufacturers or suppliers who make the products you wish to sell. Some IT resellers specialize in a single brand, while others diversify. Consider both models’ advantages and disadvantages.

Find a Wholesaler or Distributor

Locate wholesalers or distributors that work with those manufacturers or providers and apply to become a reseller. You can complete applications online with many companies. You can also contact the companies directly to find out what it takes to become a reseller.

Business Registration

Your state and local governments will also require you to register your business. Check with your local government offices or chamber of commerce to determine the exact requirements in your area. It may also be necessary for you to take this step before signing up with distributors.

Website Creation

The first step towards selling products to consumers or businesses is to create a website. You can use this to promote your products and add-on services, or use it as an ecommerce portal for people to place orders.

Consider Opening a Storefront

In addition to selling hardware products to consumers, you might also want to have a physical location where people can see your products and ask questions. Choosing a niche for this type of business requires you to consider this expense, since it differs greatly from selling cloud-based programs online. Another option is to use a dropship business model, which allows you to market and sell products without handling the actual products.

Provide Additional Services

Your products are probably available from a lot of other resellers and distributors. Therefore, you need to give people a reason to purchase from you. This is why many resellers choose to include an extra service or something of value in addition to the main product. Among the other suggestions listed here by Rich Freeman of ChannelProNetwork, an Office 365 reseller could include data protection, email encryption, and mobility security. You can also consider things like warranties, setup, support, and bundle discounts.

Promote Your Products

In order to market or promote your offerings, you need to find a way to do so. Choosing a marketing strategy depends on the products you offer and the target audience you are trying to reach. You might consider advertising online on business-centric sites if you offer cloud-based products to business users. Consider sponsoring local events or placing an advertisement in the local paper if you sell to consumers out of a local storefront. Always emphasize the extra value you provide to buyers, since that’s what will make them choose you over your competitors.

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