The 10 best Cloud Printing Services For Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Cloud Print will be shut down by Google at the end of 2020. Many small businesses use the popular cloud printing service.

Google Chrome lets you print directly from the browser. Either a desktop computer or a mobile device can be used to do this. The printer doesn’t need to be connected to the internet.

Alas, it’s gone. You’ll likely be looking for an alternative pretty soon if you’re using this service.

Don’t worry. To find the best cloud printing service for small businesses today, we reviewed a number of options. The basic idea is to be able to print from any device or computer that is connected to a network. There are some that offer fully featured software for the entire office. Individuals or small spaces may benefit from others.

Here are 10 other cloud printing services that can fill the void left by Google Cloud Print.

The 10 Best Cloud Printing Services for Businesses

1: The Xerox ConnectKey

There are a variety of productivity features available with the Xerox ConnectKey smart workstation. The cloud can be used to print, of course. Additionally, you can create electronic documents and use a touchscreen interface on its multifunction printers to manage tasks around the office.

2: Lexmark Cloud Print Management

Lexmark Cloud Print Management makes it easier for employees with Lexmark printers in the office to get their documents quickly while reducing IT workload. Once you’re ready to pick up your printed items, swipe your badge at the printer of your choice and place them in your cloud network.

3: AirPrint

Apple’s AirPrint feature, though not as accessible as Google Cloud Print, is built into many printers and is available on all Apple devices. There are also apps available for other operating systems that can be used to access it. There aren’t many features in this option for offices. Your workplace needs to be equipped with Apple products and compatible printers for you to use it. Freelancers or those who work from home can also benefit from it.

4: offers smart printing options from Google Chrome and Windows operating systems to replace Google Cloud Print. G Suite is fully integrated with the system. You can use it with any major printer brand. Your local network should be connected to it. The documents you create remain safe and secure. Your private cloud never leaves your hands.

5: PrinterOn

From enterprise-level businesses to public offices, PrinterOn offers cloud printing solutions. Once you register your printer, you can enjoy a fully secure cloud management system. Any document you need printed can be stored and accessed easily this way. The solutions remain flexible. It can be used by businesses of any size and from any industry to manage print jobs securely.

6: The OM Plus

The OM Plus printing software suite includes a cloud printing solution. Solutions are tailored to specific industries by the company. The majority fall into what might be called enterprise-level solutions. Therefore, they have a lot of features. A smaller business that processes a lot of printing jobs, however, may find them useful.

7: The Pharos

The Pharos cloud-based printing solution lets you secure your office printers and workstations. The cloud allows you to store and print items. Print metrics are also available through Pharos. This will allow you to keep an eye on usage throughout your organization. It is also easy to set up and connect printers. Using this service won’t take up a lot of your IT team’s time.

8: ezeep

Ezeep is a centralized print management platform that eliminates the need for print drivers for offices. You can instead keep everything in one cloud environment. The interface of the service is simple.  This makes it easy for users to manage their documents. They can send them to the printers of their choice. Lastly, ezeep is accessible from any device.

9: The Printix

The Printix secure print management platform integrates with several third-party cloud solutions. It is possible to move everything to the cloud, eliminate servers, and eliminate costs with Office 365, G Suite, and Azure AD. However, Printix charges a monthly fee. All sizes of businesses can benefit from the solutions offered by the provider. Team members will benefit from an automated infrastructure.

10: UniPrint Infinity

Using UniPrint Infinity, you can print across a wide range of computing platforms, including desktop, mobile, and server-based environments. All documents are automatically transformed into PDFs by the UniPrint application server, which allows them to be easily sent to your printer’s printing server and then printed.


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