The Best Programmable Keyboards

It is common for business owners to perform many of the same tasks on their computers day in and day out. What if there was a quicker and easier way to accomplish these repetitive tasks? You may benefit from using a programmable keyboard instead of browsing through your device to find specific programs or open frequently used documents.

These products include buttons that can be customized to perform specific functions, such as opening programs or cutting and pasting text. Options are also available for creating content, editing photos, and playing games.

There are some of them that can be fully customized. You can set each button to perform a specific function based on what you do most often. Some include just a few customizable buttons. The rest of the keyboard can be used as a standard keyboard.

A programmable keyboard can save you time and reduce repetition in your busy day. Here are some of the best.

Best Keyboard with Programmable Keys Best Fully Programmable Keyboard
Redragon K511 PRO RGB Gaming Keyboard Wired LED Backlit Programmable Macro Keyboard X-keys Programmable Keypads and Keyboards
Redragon K511 PRO RGB Gaming Keyboard Wired LED Backlit Programmable Macro Keyboard X-keys Programmable Keypads and Keyboards

Here are Some Programmable Keyboards to Consider

In order to choose the right programmable keypad for your business, you must understand the options available to you. There are some products that can be customized completely. You can also create macros and shortcuts by using small sections of keys. If you are going to pay a premium, consider the customer service provided by the company. This is especially true if the keyboard has a steep learning curve.

You can find the best match for your needs by browsing these products below. Each one provides a summary of the essential features, details, and price. Here are some top choices for programmable keyboards for your business.

The Best Keyboards with Programmable Keys

There are a number of function keys on the keyboards listed here that can be configured to run multiple macros and functions. The rest of the keyboard works as usual. Gaming is one of the most popular uses for these devices. It is also possible to set many functions that may be useful for business use. It is best for those who don’t want to switch keyboards frequently, but still want programmable buttons on their main keyboard.

Gaming Keyboard with LED Backlight, Redragon K511 PRO RGB

Redragon K511 PRO RGB Gaming Keyboard Wired LED Backlit Programmable Macro Keyboard 104 Keys Quiet Silent Membrane Keyboard for Windows PC Gamer Computer : Computers & Accessories

There are 104 keys on this gaming keyboard from Redragon. There are also five macro keys that can be programmed. The keystrokes are quiet, making for a quiet working environment. The backlighting comes in various colors and levels for added style and visibility. The software is compatible with a wide range of PC brands and operating systems. The current price is $29.99, so it’s an affordable option.

Mechanical keyboard for Dell Alienware Pro Gaming AW768

Alienware Pro AW768 Wired Gaming Mechanical Brown Switch Keyboard with RGB Backlighting Black, silver AW768 - Best Buy

There are 15 programmable keys on this silver keyboard from Dell that can be attached to different macros. This keyboard offers more options than many other semi-programmable keyboards. It can be customized with different leg angles and optional palm rests to ensure maximum comfort. A variety of colors are also included behind the keys as ambient lighting. This one costs $95.97.

Smart RGB Mechanical Keyboard Das Keyboard 4Q

Das Keyboard 4Q Mechanical Keyboard Review | PCMag

Das Keyboard’s RGB Cherry MX mechanical keyboard features an RGB Cherry MX. In order to enjoy maximum functionality, users need to be familiar with programming and the platform. It is possible to customize all of its buttons. There are really endless options for those who want to create many shortcuts. The keyboard layout is standard, so it is still suitable for those who want a mainly traditional setup. The starting price is $149.25.

Cherry MX switches were introduced in 1985. Their colors indicate their handling characteristics. It also includes how much force is required, whether it is clicky or tactile. In 2008, Cherry introduced the MX Red, which has a low actuation force. You will be able to determine how they work based on the color you choose.

GXT 285 LED RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard - GXT 285 Gada Advanced Gaming Keyboard

Trust Gaming offers this keyboard with customizable keys. You can actually save up to three different macros for each key since it has 5 custom macro buttons and 3 different profiles. As you perform different tasks, you simply switch modes or profiles. The main purpose of this is to play video games. Those who have different categories of macros used in different instances, however, might find it useful. A spreadsheet profile might be used for spreadsheet editing, and a video editing profile might be used for video editing. The black keyboard has a backlight and is USB-connected. Also included is software that makes programming macros easy. A programmable keyboard like this costs $39.97.

The Best Fully Programmable Keyboards

However, some keyboards have customizable buttons with macros and shortcuts. Due to the fact that most people don’t need to customize their keyboards too much, most of these keyboards are smaller than traditional keyboards. They can be used with a traditional keyboard or for specific tasks like photo editing and design. However, there are options at pretty much every level of complexity and price range. Here are some of the best options available today for business users.

Keyboard with OEM Gateron Red Switch from Koolertron

Buy Koolertron Single-Handed Programmable Mechanical Keyboard with OEM Gateron Red Switch,All 48 Programmable Keys Tools Keypad,8 Macro Keys, PBT Keycaps.[SMKD72-A] Online at desertcartPAKISTAN

There are 48 programmable keys on this keyboard from Koolertron. The mechanical keyboard can also be configured with configuration software to create up to eight complex macros. You can use them even if you disconnect the keyboard and attach it to another computer. Those who frequently switch between devices may find it particularly useful. It costs $81.99.

Elgato Stream Deck

Elgato Stream Deck MK.2 Full-size Wired USB Keypad with 15 Customizable LCD keys and Interchangeable Faceplate Black 10GBA9901 - Best Buy

The Elgato product comes with 15 customizable LCD keys and an adjustable stand. Content creators can use it. There are so many functions that are specifically designed for these kinds of tasks. It is also designed to be easy to use, even for those without programming experience. An app can be used to easily assign functions to each key by dragging and dropping functions onto the software interface. This program runs on Windows 10 and MacOS 10.13 or later and costs $149.95 right now.

Keypad for Numeric Office in Penclic N3

USB Wired Numeric Keypad (Numpad) by Penclic

These Penclic keyboards are an excellent option for those looking for a simple additional keyboard. There are 22 numbered keys on the keyboard, each with a different function. It is also ergonomically designed to maintain comfort while you perform repetitive tasks. To avoid any injuries, make sure to get a wrist rest.

The Penclic setup is also plug and play, so it is easy to use. You can set different functions for each key by connecting it to your device with a USB cable. It is also affordable at just $29.99.

Wired Programming Numeric Keypad ControlPad, Black, ELSRA PK-2068

ELSRA USB Wired Programming Numeric Keypad ControlPad Black PK-2068(23 Key, 2-Level programmable, 2 USB Hub) for Windows

The ELSRA keypad has 23 keys that can be programmed on multiple levels. There are two different modes. You can set different macros for each mode of the keyboard. The number of buttons can be kept down while still allowing you to enjoy tons of functionality if you use macros. The USB connection makes it easy to get up and running quickly. There is, however, a limitation that it only works with Windows devices. It may be better to use another option if you have a Mac or Linux computer. It costs $38.90 at the moment.

Programmable keypads and keyboards from X-keys Buy X-keys USB Programmable Keyboard Online at Low Prices in India | X-keys Reviews & Ratings

There are 60 macro keys on this X-Keys keyboard for those who want to customize their keyboards to their liking. It can be used with programs like CAD and PhotoShop, according to the company. Software is included for easy programming on Windows devices. Those who use Macs or Linux devices will, however, need to program it using Windows devices; these settings will then be saved and can be used on those devices afterward. It costs $199.95.

What is a Programmable Keyboard?

Various keys can be programmed to perform custom actions with a programmable keyboard. By creating shortcuts to the functions you use most often, you can save time. A few keyboards allow you to program only certain sections, while others allow you to program the entire keyboard.

What are Keyboard Macros?

Keyboard macros are a series of actions designed to accomplish a particular task. You can assign a key and/or mouse action to open your email program. To insert a certain graphic into your company’s spreadsheets, you can press a short series of keys. Performing repetitive tasks less often saves you time.

Is it Possible to Use a Second Keyboard for Macros?

There are some people who prefer to keep one classic keyboard and one programmable keyboard. You can create tons of macros and be super-efficient if you have a full keyboard available to program. The keyboards need to be different models if you choose this option. You may also need to install Lua Macros or AutoHotkey. Below are some videos explaining the process for those who are interested.


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