The Google AI chatbot is Set to Rival ChatGPT For Its Search Engine, But it will Remain a Secret to Avoid Failure

It is important to Google that everything is perfect before its release.

A Google chatbot system is already being tested internally, and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai confirmed this on the company’s earnings call for the last quarter of 2022. It will also rival OpenAI’s famous ChatGPT tool, which also partners with the company’s search engine to launch an assistant for future use.

It aims to develop the feature further and be ready for when it is released, so that it won’t flounder among the public. For now, Google remains in charge of gatekeeping the feature for the world.

Google’s AI chatbot will compete with ChatGPT

The logo and search page of the multi-faceted internet giant Google are displayed on a computer screen in London, England, on April 13, 2006.

Alphabet’s Q4 2022 earnings call for investors detailed the company’s performance last quarter, as well as the year as a whole. Google head Sundar Pichai announced a new AI chatbot will soon be available on Google’s search engine, along with statistics and numbers from last quarter.

The internet company’s AI development is expected to be publicly available “in the coming weeks and months.”

Among Google’s top competitors, ChatGPT, has already gained massive popularity among the public, leading many analysts to predict the company’s demise.

What is the Name of Google’s AI chatbot?

There are reports that this new AI chatbot will be called “Apprentice Bard.” Despite sounding like it belongs in a medieval fiction game, it will soon be available to the public through Google’s services. Specifically, Apprentice Bard will help Google’s search engine answer questions or streamline better results based on the needs of different people.

Google’s AI Projects

There are a few artificial intelligence projects on Google’s portfolio, which will soon be unveiled to the public.

There is already a beta version of the LaMDA chatbot available via the AI Test Kitchen for anyone interested in joining its initial operation.

The “Imagen Video” AI tool allows users to create high-resolution videos by using its text prompts to obtain commands. Using diffusion models to create content from user commands, Google claims to be able to produce videos with a 1280×768 resolution and up to 24 frames per second.

The ChatGPT project has taken the world by storm, and many predict it could outsmart or defeat Google given the current technological environment.

The company has different AI tools under development, one of which will soon become available through search for everyone, so it does not fall behind.

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