What is Cross Media Marketing? Benefit, Example & Strategy

A cross media marketing campaign is also called multichannel marketing, and in this strategy companies do cross-promotion, which involves engaging in non-traditional advertising methods.

By combining digital marketing with other forms of media, they can also appeal to consumers in a more meaningful way.

Cross Media Marketing, in simple terms, is the promotion of your marketing message across different media to integrate your marketing message into the minds of people.

What is Cross Media Marketing?

The cross media expert Monique de-Haas says

“Cross media is a communication tool, including a story that encourages you to switch from one medium to another, and back.”

A cross media marketing campaign is a way of promoting your product using a variety of media.

A product could be anything, such as a written ad, a YouTube video, an image, or a song.

Television commercials, newspaper ads, magazine ads, Google Adwords, or anything else can promote the content. A new creative way of marketing is developed every day, providing a multitude of options.


In cross media marketing or cross selling, we increase the value of the customers we already have. Or you can do what you are doing now, which is to get a consumer to buy more product than he originally wanted.

The Type Of Cross Media Marketing

  • Upselling: The idea is to suggest something that will improve the main purchase. An optimization that improves your experience, high-end products, improved features, etc. Into this section. As long as the consumer perceives the additional price as fair, they will choose it. Consumers are more likely to buy something related to what they have already bought since brands can sell something related to what they have already purchased. How about when you order pizza and they ask you if you want an extra ingredient?
  • Complementary product or service: Cross media marketing involves suggesting the purchase of a complementary product along with the main product. An extended warranty or insurance may be offered to someone who just bought a car. It is also possible to hire the same installation service when you purchase a boiler.

How Can We Achieve This?

Offering the consumer what he may find interesting, but without imposing. The point is to suggest a friendly sale. For example, if someone wants pants, you can show them other clothing to complete the look, such as a belt and shoes.

Who Employs Cross Media Marketing?

Advertising agencies and corporations know that consumers don’t convert from just one ad. A trendy marketing concept is called “Rule of Seven.” According to the concept, it takes seven interactions for a visitor to convert into a customer. 

Nowadays, cross media marketing is in vogue. There are at least two types of media used by nearly every corporation, organization, and agency. 

Cross media marketing is not limited to corporations’ political parties, religious parties, NGOs, and nonprofits.

Cross media marketing can also be used by religious organizations to motivate people to pray every day.

Additionally, charities, non-profits, and NGOs do reach out to the public so they can raise more funds.

What Kind Of Customers Is Cross Media Marketing Effective?

Therefore, cross media marketing is likely to be effective for most people. Cross media marketing campaigns are effective at building brand awareness for this reason. 

Cross media marketing is one of the most commonly used methods by corporations to increase their brand awareness. People will become more familiar with a company’s product if they see the message (advertisement) more often, and the product will become deeply ingrained into their subconscious minds.

They will purchase based on their subconscious thoughts even though they aren’t consciously thinking about it.

A cross media marketer’s sole goal is to persuade his or her customers to purchase the product, not even letting them know that they have been persuaded.

Cross Media Marketing Commandments

Cross media marketing is a complex process. The following are seven cross media marketing commandments.

  1. Provide exclusive content to your customers. For example, some YouTubers add a moment (mispronunciation or incorrect dialogue) at the end of the video (product), which did not appear in the original video. It is exciting for most viewers (audiences) to know what happens during recording. 
  2. Get to know your audience better. Engage them by organizing a poll or asking them a question.
  3. Your image will be more prominent in your audience’s mind if you keep in touch with them continuously through multiple media.
  4. To increase your customer’s loyalty, you can develop viral games or create a fan club.
  5. Make everyone happy by creating a positive atmosphere. It is not a good thing to be negative.
  6. Provide your users with a better user experience.
  7. Multi-device use is recommended. You can increase your bottom line by using multi-device systems.

Construction Of Cross Media Marketing Campaign

It is not difficult to create a cross media campaign. You can build your multichannel marketing campaign by following these three simple steps:

  1. Determine Your Message:

Decide what your message will be by thinking creatively? Is your customer communication going to be clear and concise? 

You should communicate the same message across all media regardless of what you want to communicate. Your audience can become confused if you spread different messages across various media.

  1. Determine Your Target Audience:

Determine for whom you are running the marketing campaign after determining your massage. Identify your target audience? Running a newspaper ad campaign may not be the best option if your target audience is teenagers.

  1. Determine Your Goal:

As a final step, determine what you want to accomplish with your marketing campaign. Decide on a crystal-clear Call-to-action (CTA).

Strategies For Cross Media Marketing

1: Deliver a Clear Message:

The most effective ad campaigns are those that deliver a clear message. The message should be consistent throughout all media you use for the multimedia campaign.

2. Make videos a Priority:

People prefer watching a video over reading a blog post, according to numerous studies. It’s simply because videos are more engaging. Video has become a priority for companies because of this. Delivering your message through video is also important.

3. Create a Clear Call-to-action:

Your audience’s further action is regulated by a clear call to action. Conversion rates can be increased with a clear Call-to-Action. 

4. Maintain a Synergy Cross Various Media:

A cross media marketing campaign uses more than one media. The use of more than one media is part of a cross media marketing campaign.

5. Put Your Audience First:

It’s all about the customer. Keeping your audience’s needs in mind is always important when designing a product or launching a marketing campaign. 

6. Offer Personalized Service:

A personal touch in your advertising helps establish trust and strengthens your brand’s image by creating trust.

Cross Media Marketing Benefits

1: Connect Deeply With Your Customers:

Building a long-term relationship with your audience is easier with multimedia marketing. You will have a higher chance of selling your product the more you engage them with it and interact with it.

2: Reaching a Broader Audience:

You can increase visibility of your product by marketing through multiple channels. Conversation is the key to marketing. You can exponentially increase brand awareness by engaging in a dialogue across multiple channels.

3: Your Customers And You Can Choose The Most Appropriate Channel:

Lastly, you can collect data on the efficiency of various media after the campaign has been completed. Your next campaign can be structured more efficiently after you have this data.

4: Brand’s Awareness:

Improve your brand’s awareness and identity;

5: Marketing Costs Can Be Reduced By:

Cross media marketing reduces your marketing costs significantly as you spend your money across different media platforms.

6: Advertising Campaign

You can see the results of your advertising campaign after it has ended.

Guide To Cross Media Marketing Tools

1. Direct Mail:

It’s still true that direct marketing is the most popular and cost-effective multichannel marketing tool. Direct marketing continues to be the most effective and popular multichannel marketing tool.

2. Email:

Cross media marketing relies heavily on emails. A marketing message can be reinforced through email marketing campaigns in addition to any other marketing platform.

3. Newspaper and Magazine ads:

This is the old traditional way of doing things. The digital world was rapidly eroding their popularity. As a result, you should always utilize other marketing channels in addition to newspaper advertisements. 

4. Television ads:

Televisions are slowly losing popularity as YouTube becomes more popular every year. Additionally, television advertisements are very expensive. If you have a large pocket, you should use them.

5. Google Awards:

Google Awards produce the ads you see on websites and YouTube channels. The Google Adwords campaign can be set up quickly, so they are cheap and affordable. You can then run your marketing campaign according to your budget by opening a Google Adwords account.

6. PURLs, CURLs, and GURLs:

PURL—Personalized URL.

These URLs are for everybody on your marketing list.

CURL—Customizable URL.

These URLs are for a specific group of individuals on your marketing list.

GURL—Generic URL.

These URLs are designed for a specific marketing campaign.

7. QR Code:

The ease of use of Quick Response Codes has made them increasingly popular today. To scan a QR Code with a smartphone, for example, a person just needs to have a printed QR Code. The person will be directed to your website automatically.

8. IP Targeting:

IP targeting refers to the process of showing specific advertising to a particular person based on their Internet Protocol (IP) address. This multichannel marketing tool targets a particular channel.

There are numerous others as well. The most popular are, however, the most effective.

Challenges and Problems

You must use different media platforms to spread a specific message in cross media marketing. Additionally, you must maintain synchrony across your different media channels to prevent confusion. Multimedia marketing’s biggest challenge is communicating effectively between different teams working on different platforms. 

What Are The Best Ways To Be Successful With Cross Media Marketing?

Brands can sell more through cross media marketing. An existing customer is 60% to 70% more likely to close a new sale than a new customer, with a 5% to 20% chance of doing so. However, aggressive strategies no longer work. 

It is now imperative to understand the consumer thoroughly and build loyalty so that it will remain so for a long time to come. Here are the keys to making your new cross media marketing campaigns successful.

Cross Media Marketing Keys to Success

Establish Lasting Relationships with Your Consumers

Cross media marketing must aim to build consumer loyalty. You will be able to do this by knowing your consumers, communicating regularly with them, and providing them with something they are interested in.

Creative Merchandising at the Point of Sale

To stand out at the point of sale, brands need creative and different merchandising. Nowadays, we present articles according to customer needs, instead of organizing them based on industrial categories. Therefore, the following creative cross media marketing strategies are so successful:

The Clustering Process

In this method, customers are segmented, with products and categories that are relevant to them, but may be very different from one another. According to the marketing legend, Walmart crossed the sales of diapers and beer, increasing the sales of both.

The Thematic Universe

It involves discovering what topics interest the consumer so that products related to those topics can be shown to them. As an example, when launching a movie or celebrating a holiday such as Halloween or Christmas.

The Multi Spaces

In some cases, a corner with different products or services that appeal to the same audience can reinforce the sale of a product category.

Online Recommendation System

Through personalized recommendations, beyond specific sales, users are provided with detailed information about themselves and are encouraged to make both physical and online purchases.

It is recommended that if you want your brand to be successful with cross media marketing, you engage an agency specializing in trade marketing, such as, who can provide you with both strategy and merchandising at physical and online retail outlets.


Finally, I believe that direct marketing is a highly cost-effective and effective marketing method. The majority of marketing resources are now spent on direct marketing, even though it is an old-fashioned marketing strategy. The purpose of direct marketing is to reach people only after they have completed a specific task. The reason this type of marketing is so effective is that it is very personalized, which increases sales for your company. Direct marketing is more effective and efficient when combined with database marketing today.

FAQs—Cross Media Marketing

Crossmedia is a communication tool, including a story that encourages you to switch from one medium to another, and back.


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